The Dominican Republic is a tropical country with 300 days of sunshine a year. Average temperatures are around 25C/77F on the coast, rising to 30C/86F and above from June to October. The breeze coming in off the Atlantic ocean is natural air-conditioning!

The Dominican Republic is a country of green jungles, luscious white beaches, and historical architecture, some going back to the days of Columbus. He described The Dominican Republic as “The fairest land under heaven.”

Puerto Plata is the largest city on the North coast (the so-called amber coast), established in the year 1502. The San Felipe fortress is considered the oldest on the American continent. Puerto Plata airport is approximately 40 minutes away by car.

Cofresi beach is one of the most breathtaking beaches in the Dominican Republic, named after the legendary Caribbean pirate Robert Cofresi. It is often called “The beach of beach lovers” because of its hanging palms and untouched golden sand. Perfect for cooling down after a day relaxing in the Caribbean sun or for romantic moonlit strolls.

Weather: January – June
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
°F Avg. Low 68 67 68 71 72 74
°F Avg High 83 83 85 86 88 90


Weather: July – December
  Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
°F Avg Low 72 74 74 73 71 69
°F Avg High 91 92 91 89 86 85

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