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Fine dining is part of the vacation experience. It’s a time to indulge and reward yourself for the hard work you put in on any other day. We make a wide array of VIP restaurants readily available to you. Enjoy authentic Dominican cuisine and open up your taste buds to flavors from around the world. With all-inclusive advantages, you can enjoy a luxury dining experience that won’t drain away all your vacation money. Eat and truly enjoy a number of options including:

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Please note, there are a few restaurants, bars and beaches, that are exclusively for Owners & Shareholders, which are not listed because you will not have access to them. However, as you can see, your selection is extensive!

"The All Inclusive is very nice. The beaches and the service at the beach is perfect. The Villa we had looked like the one in the picture. It was nice, but the furniture were already run down and the Villa wasn’t clean when we arrived. We had to call guest services and they came ( the same day) to spray against all the bugs and they cleaned again. Once that was done the Villa was okay. Nothing too fancy, but alright. The pool area was clean and got cleaned daily. The golf cart helped a lot. Without that it would be almost impossible to get around. The Resort is quite big and waiting for the shuttle service is no fun. So that is a big bonus. The restaurants are all good. We stayed for 14 days and tried to eat in all of them. Here starts the problem. You need to make reservations on Saturday for the whole week to have a chance to get into the restaurants you’d like to go to. There are 2 sittings. 1 at 6:30 pm and the next at 8:30 pm. We sometimes felt rushed thru dinner when we booked the 6:30 time. We also weren’t able to get in the restaurants we tried to reserve. Then the Resort just books you at an available restaurant, if you like it or not. But you can still go to one of the Buffet Restaurants if you don’t like where they booked you. Booking with the Concierge is a joke. We even wrote down where and when we wanted to eat, but our Concierge booked whatever he wanted and suggested. We enden up at guest services a lot, changing our reservations and ate where we wanted to eat. Ordering drinks for the fridge was a bit confusing. They fill the fridge daily with 8 bottles of beer, Soda and water. Additional to that you can order what you like. We ordered the 1st evening a bottle of white wine and a bottle of gin. 2 days later we ordered another bottle of White wine and were told, the extra bottles are only 1 person/stay. That we weren’t told before and we were very surprised. Wherever you go, any bar, beach or restaurant you can drink as much as you want and then they limit you at the Villa to 1 bottle of wine for 14 days. Well, we just drank more anywhere else and bought some bottles on our own. 1 restaurant (on top of the tower) is only for Shareholders and Members, not for guests of shareholders!!! We tried booking there and were told that it would be $100 per person since we are only guests of shareholders. The same is for the helicopter flight. Since we were only guests we were supposed to pay $160 per person for a 10 minute helicopter ride…. My Response: Glad you enjoyed your stay! As you referenced the beaches, The All-Inclusive is a wonderful experience. Sounds like your concierge was not helpful. Suggestion would be to request a difference Concierge, not sure if you tried doing that. The value of the All-inclusive is great, its awesome that a Chef comes to your Villa each morning fix you a huge breakfast, they have a variety of restaurants to choose from, and some Liquor for your Villa. Keep in mind, if they were to have unlimited alcohol in the Villa (you can drink Unlimited at the more than 30 bars), the cost of the All-inclusive would naturally have to go up. I think one bottle of hard liquor or wine per person is a fair compromise which will help keep the All-Inclusive cost as affordable as possible. I typically have a pre-dinner drink in the Villa, followed by a drink at a Bar, then Dinner. I personally love the service level provided by the Dominican’s. They are a very pleasant people. John Wells"

- Ursula F.

"From the time we arrived to the time of our departure, the VIP service team was awesome! They arranged our dinner reservations daily, took note of when we needed our fridge restocked and helped us plan two great excursions. The Cook that came each morning to prepare our breakfast was a highlight of our stay. Each day the cook would prepare scrambled eggs with peppers and onions, potato’s, pancackes, toast, a variety of fruits and juices, and of course dougnuts. There was more food each morning than we could eat, and often we only ate light for lunch so we had room for dinner. Serenity beach was our favorite beach, and we loved the Crepe’ station. The Elvis crepe was the best. Our favorite restaurant was Simply Gourmet, they have a great Rib Eye steak. Can’t wait to come back. Oh, the Golf cart was great a real plus. No car rental needed."

- Phillip

"We liked the room, however we could not get into the restaurant of our choice and were told where we could go and what time. Being a very independent person, I definitely didn’t like not having what I wanted. The restaurant we ended up at, served very mediocre food. We really liked the breakfast and service though. The staff was superb, but our first morning there, the sales people pitched to us for almost an hour and were, I feel another negative. Sunday’s party was quite a show however and was a nice way to spend our last night there. Recommended for: Age 55+, Tourists without a Car My Response: For short stays during a High season, the popular restaurants fill up quickly. Good to plan your dinner restaurant choices early in your stay. They have two dining times for most of the restaurants 6 and 8, and some have three, 6, 7 and 8. So flexibility helps in getting into the popular restaurants. Attending their presentation is not required, and fully optional. Does not affect your stay or perks in any way. Many do not take the time. The Sunday night Gala party with live music and has an amazing fireworks show is one of the best I’ve seen. Great event each week! Great guest and a pleasure to work with."

- Ray

"My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Lifestyle Holiday Resort. The service was great (the resort’s guest/employee ratio seems very low). The accommodations were very spacious and comfortable. The variety of restaurants and buffets will satisfy everyone. The food was great and plentiful. The beach and beach service were luxurious. The shows and clubs at night were fun. I’d definitely consider returning for another vacation and I would recommend this resort to anyone. Our favorite beach was Serenity, and the Crepe’ station was a daily treat. John is very responsive and very helpful in ensuring we had a great stay."

- Jeor J

"To start off the booking was seamless I had to change things a couple of times and John Wells was very accommodating. He offered us VIP and let me tell that’s the way to go. We were picked up from the airport in a private van. The country is absolutely beautiful.The resort is massive so be prepared to be overwhelmed. All the staff were very nice,friendly and helpful. The room we booked was a beach front studio on the first floor, and it was stunning. My boyfriend was so impressed this trip was for his birthday and he didn’t want to leave as a matter of fact when we left he was tearing up. The food was delightful all of it, but our favorite place was The Tappas We want to give a special shout to Jonelly she remembered our names from day one. Our favorite drinks were B52 and Mojito and the NV beach makes these drinks the best. We met a lot of great people(staff) there like Jose and Joel (yin-yan spa) they made us feel like family. and taught us some Spanish as well. We were not hassled to buy any timeshare. I will definitely go back and soon. Recommended for: Age 55+, Girls Getaway, Tourists without a Car, Families with Teenagers, Families with Young Children, People with Disabilities, Romantic Getaway"

- Cheryl L.

"The booking process was easy and we had no problems. He was even able to change our reservation after some unexpected things happened making us reschedule our vacation. He also answered my many questions to him quickly and gave us alot of additional informaiton that helped our trip. Our room was in Cofresi and it appeared to be fairly new. It was clean, and everything was in good condition, we could even see the ocean. Our ride from the airport was waiting for us when we got there – in fact we landed, cleared customs and were in the car leaving in 15 minutes. The grounds are beautiful. There are alot of stairs especially if you stay in Cofresi, but if you dont want to walk, there are shuttles that you can take. The VIP spaces at the beaches are wonderful. The food is all inclusive quality. There were some areas that were very good – The crepes at Serenity Beach, and the Tappas Bar are highlights for food. The buffets were, all inclusive buffets – there will be something to eat. The restaurants that are available for reservation only were better. Recommended for: Age 55+"

- Nothing beats sunny beaches

"It was my first time at the resort. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. The bedrooms were comfortable and fitting to our needs. They supplied and restocked hygiene products everyday and cleaned the house thoroughly. We stayed in the Villas and felt very secure with security out front and had a cart to travel. The Oyster and Crepe bars’ had to be my favorite spot. They cleaned the pool every morning, the house keeper was AWESOME and food at the restaurants were pretty good. My only recommendation is that they should have something else open for food. We seemed to be hungry late in the evening and there were not many choices. Lastly, there is no internet/wifi connection other than the main lobby. I will definitely be back. Thanks John! My Response Always wonderful to enjoy the Caribbean in your own private villa. Wifi is also at the VIP Beaches, but you have to request the password from the bar located therein. You can purchase Wifi for in your Villa, it is available, unlimited for a week at $ 60.00. Room Service delivers to the Villa’s, simple phone call away. Some of the Lightfare restaurants stay open late such as the Tapis bar which serves a huge array of light food fare, such as gourmet appetizers."

- Shekeela G.

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