What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in time for all accommodations is 3pm. Early check-in time (extra cost) is 11.00AM. The extra cost is US $15.00 per person (Children aged 3-12 years receive 50% reduction). If you would like to check-in before 11:00 AM, there is an additional cost of US $25.00 per person.
For the Junior suites at Tropical, the Check-out time is 1pm – Every hour after this is $10.00 per hour, per unit. In Villas / Presidential Suites / Crown Suites, the Check-out is at 11.30AM – Every hour after this is $20.00 per hour, per unit. Late check-out must be requested at the check-in and will depend on hotel availability. This is allowed until 3pm.
The Check-out must be done at the specific time shown above as your bands will be cut and you will receive a ticket. With this ticket you can stay and enjoy the resort until 3pm. At this point, you must give the tickets back and leave the resort. If you wish to stay longer than 3 pm at the Resort, you must pay an extra cost of US $10.00 per hour per person, but the final check out time is 6pm.

Can I cancel my trip and receive a refund?

The cancellation policy goes as follows: Reservations that are cancelled 91+ days before arrival are fully refundable. Reservations cancelled 31-90 days before arrival are 50% refundable. Reservations cancelled 30 days or less before arrival are non-refundable. Date changes are possible, based on availability.

What if I don’t want to fly into POP Airport?

Some of our guests choose to fly into Santiago airport as the flights can often be cheaper than POP. This is absolutely fine. We can arrange to have the resort pick you up from Santiago Airport (STI). Keep in mind the drive time from Santiago is about an hour versus thirty minutes from POP. We prefer POP,but on occasion fly into/out of STI.

How do I verify your membership?

You can call the resort directly at: (809) 970 – 3654 from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 6pm or email them at: CS-Office28@lifestyleholidaysvc.com. My member number is CC-336, and my name is John Wells. Please note that this is a member’s only resort. The resort will not book your trip. They can only verify that I am a member and you can safely book your trip with me. Expect at least a day to get an email response.

Is the resort safe?

Yes, very safe. There is security at the gate and throughout the entire resort.

Do you accept credit cards or checks?

Sure, credit cards, Paypal, or check

Does the resort accept credit cards for the all-inclusive fee?

Yes, Mastercard and Visa.

Do I have to check-in on a specific day?

No, you can choose any day you wish for check-in and check-out.

Will I be charged hidden fees?

There are absolutely no hidden fees. You will use your bracelet to eat, drink, and play. The only reason I bring any money to the resort is to tip (optional) and to go on excursions or purchase gifts.

Do I need to bring towels?

No, the resort provides towels for guests.

Do I have to purchase the all-inclusive bracelet?

The all inclusive fee is mandatory, but you won’t regret it! The prices are very reasonable.

Are safety deposit boxes available?

Yes, for a very small fee. They cost $20 per week or $3 per day.

Can I drink water?

The resort provides bottled water in your accommodation and throughout the resort. We advise that the water out of the resort faucet is NOT safe to drink. We are used to water purification systems in the United States. Most people, given time, would become used to water almost anywhere, but you’re on holiday in a foreign country, so it’s safer to only drink bottled water.

Do I need to exchange my US dollars into pesos?

You can exchange at the resort or in the airports. US dollars are taken across the resort, so it’s not essential to exchange your dollars for pesos.

Is WiFi available?

Yes. There are VIP bars that have free WiFi. Alternatively, you may access WiFi in your room for an additional fee. $25 for 25 hrs. $60 for unlimited access for a week.

Is there a gym available?

Yes, there are two gyms.

Should I tip the staff?

Tipping is a personal preference, but I can guarantee that you will want to tip this staff. They are some of the friendliest and welcoming people we have ever met.

Is this a timeshare?

No, this is a vacation club. Sales presentations are available if you are interested in becoming a member but NEVER mandatory! Members have full access to the resort year-round and not just certain weeks a year.

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