About Us

If anyone can be said to be cultured, John Wells is a prime example. He and his wife spent 20 years travelling the Caribbean. During that time, he paid close attention to the value he was able to get for the cost, and he found the best location to be along the sunny beaches of the Mexican Caribbean. From hotel stays and spa accommodations to restaurants, bars, and more, he discovered a little bit can go a long way in this popular tourist hot spot.

Advancement to Owners in Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club

John and his wife became so accustomed to their regular visits to the beautiful Caribbean coast so much that, for the last seven years, they have owned a beachfront property they travel to once a month. They have also become owners in the Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club. Their regularity in visits and affiliations have helped them become a beacon for valuable insider information when it comes to Caribbean travel.

The Birth of Awesome All Inclusive

In 2013, John realized he could take the knowledge he’d gained and help others take advantage of the value in the ultimate Caribbean vacation package at a fraction of expected costs. Awesome All Inclusive was officially born, and we’re continually expanding to offer even more villas and accommodations.

Among the Best All Inclusive Experiences

Every year, thousands flock to the sunny Caribbean beaches for weddings, vacations, or just to get away. The advantages to all inclusive pricing are vast, and John’s travel experience has helped him create exciting packages for the whole family. He feels this is among the best all inclusive experiences available in the Caribbean.

Luxurious Accommodations

A variety of cuisine choices!

Lounge on the white sandy beaches